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Our interior specialties are comfortable, traditional and eclectic interior designs. We do design other motiffs, such as Palm Beach Chic, Beach Cottage, Coastal Living and other designs if desired by clients.   


One of our largest undertakings was with a contractor remodeling a 60' ranch house that embodied old world design. The project projected an authentic Italian Villa design featuring antique roof tiles removed from a Spanish Cathedral, imported Italian stone and exterior coquina walkways with Venetian glass tile pool.   The walls, floors and every nook reflect old world features that stand the test of time. Many of the furnishings, art and carpets and were purchased over-time, as we contemplate doing for clients.  Interior selections take time to find in order to meet authenticity and design requirements - perfection cannot be rushed.   


Remodeling projects are challenging. Often ceilings in older homes and condos are disproportionate to the space, either too low or too high, giving a cavernous or crowed uncomfortable feeling.  Lighted coves or ceiling soffits provide a cozy feeling and trick the eye making the ceilings appear interesting. Wall accent surfaces need attention in older homes as development contractors seek to reduce costs without attention to important detail giving each room character and points of interest, while keeping the spaces proportional, changing the room feeling without much additional cost.  Air ducts need to moved and modernized, direct lighting adjusted with new fixtures with new ceiling and floor moldings. These simple design changes undoubtedly increase the value of your property.  Nothing sells better than good design. 







Sarasota Resident


 "I selected Sandy Davis as my interior designer because she has exquisite taste and a passion for executing what the client seeks. In my case, she remodeled my beach condo on Lido Key transforming an original 1968 unit with laminate cabinets, dome kitchen, sculpted carpet, 7 ft 6 in ceilings into a  beautiful unit with hardwood floors, custom wood kitchen and bar cabinets, area rugs and furnishings that create an eclectic environment with character. She installed light ceiling soffits in the living room, hallways and bedrooms giving the effect of having higher ceilings together with additional mood lighting.   


She also remodeled my twenty five year old home. Much of the same was done with the house and lanai area. She searches meticulously for the right piece and often finds it on sale, trying to get the best for the client at the lowest price. She scours Home Goods for accessories that cost more in other stores but contribute equally to the ambience for less.


Sandy is very professional and so much fun to work with"!

Jackie and Vance

Sarasota Resident​

          "Sandy exceeded our expectations in terms of design elegance.
She has both an exceptional overall design vision as well as an ability to problem solve difficulties, a rare combination.

The highest praise we can give Sandy is that it is a real pleasure to live in our home she has put together.  Sandy works tirelessly to make sure things are perfect.    She has done 3 homes for us and we will continue to use Sandy for all our design needs".


Ohio Resident with Sarasota home

         "It was an easy choice for us to select Sandy Davis for our much needed interior and exterior home projects.  We know her well and had complete trust in her design skills not to mention we’ve seen so much of her previous work over the years.  She kept our budget in mind and amazed us with her overall vision, creative design ideas, and her willingness to drive the process which was very helpful to us since we are not full time residents of SRQ.  She worked tirelessly on whatever was needed, no matter how big or small, even removing unwanted items from the home.  She also coordinated many quality local contractors (carpenters, painters, landscapers, etc) all tried and true since she uses them exclusively, and they did an incredible job in every area.  Her keen eye found simple and sometimes inexpensive ways to change certain things inside and outside the home that added so much beauty.

Sandy has an incredible passion for this line of work, more so than anyone we have ever met, and she is exceptionally good at it.  She is a complete joy to work with and her magical way of understanding what we wanted was executed flawlessly.  We highly recommend her!"  

Teresa and Larry


Tel: (352) 587-5730

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